This guidebook is critical for anyone operating in the B2B space. If you are facing demanding customers, commoditization and price pressures, this book will give you effective countermeasures to leverage your value proposition and win every sale at full price. A real game changer! 

Andy G. - Managing Director - Hyperlocal Inc



Become an ultra-high-performing salesperson and a hero in your organization.

There are three building blocks of successful, value-based price negotiation: Value Proposition, Qualification & Information Gathering, and Smart Negotiating Skills. This book offers tools, strategies and techniques to leverage all three.

The Price Negotiation Playbook is a practical street-wise toolkit for anyone who wants to sell at higher prices, effectively respond to price objections, protect margins and close deals at full price. 

Over 70 pages of scripts, techniques and strategies to help you leverage and master:

  • Your Unique Value Proposition and Value Messaging - incl. your Unique Value Proposition Audit -  Your USP Impact - Know What to Pitch to Whom - Your FBPQ Sales Proposition Template
  • Qualification and Information Gathering incl. the 9xS method: Situation - Seriousness - Steps (taken) - Solving/ (not) Solving - Spirit - Strength - Solutioning - Summary - (next) Steps
  • Price Negotiation Techniques - Negotiation Countermeasures -  MEOs - Bracketing - Trading Strategy, and more
  • Strategies and Techniques for Crushing Price Objections - Eliminating and Handling Price Objections - Mini Contracts - 5-Step Strategy for Handling Any Objections - Discounting Countermeasures

Your profits are based on how well you and your team engage in price negotiations. Period. 

You can ignore this fact or you can read this e-book cover to cover and make sure you increase revenues and boost your bottom-line. 



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